Top 5 WOMEN’S Fitness Hacks – Weight Loss for Women & More

Hello, guys welcome back to Health Mate today we’ll talk about women’s fitness so When you educate women about something they enhanced as individuals and the children of the country I enhances individuals and that’s why in today’s article I’m starting out on my women’s fitness series so let’s go.

So the first thing you need to know is that in today’s video I’m not going to go deep into the science of any topic now not cover with a lot of women’s content in a while and that’s why I want to make this one post a Content pack article so we’ll be talking about the top five things that every single woman needs to know about fitness.

I promote holistic fitness and I’m not promoting weight training because I myself I’m in two weeks training the reason I promote weight training is because I promote science says that if your goal is to burn fat which is the goal for most women weight training is your best friend.


1 ) Weight Training Is Your Best Friend

The first thing you need to know as a woman is that there’s no such thing as spot fat removal if you want toned arms or if you want that flat stomach or that thigh gap it’s all about burning your fat.
Build that little bit of lean muscle is weight training again I’m not gonna get into the deep science of it today because I’ve already covered these topics in my two articles for weight training for women.
Here’s the thing most women want to burn fat and the Society we’ve grown up in we automatically associate weight training with bulky bodybuilders and if you tell a woman to take up weight training they’ll think of those bulky women bodybuilders that is not what weight training does to your body those women and those bodybuilders are bulky because they’ve injected themselves with testosterone and steroids you do not have either in your system.
Now the one scientific thing you need to know about weight training is that it has different effects on male bodies and different effects on female bodies because males have more testosterone they can put on more muscle mass.
Unfortunately, the society that we’ve grown up in all our lives we’ve been told that if you want to burn fat you need to run or you need to swim we need to do some kind of aerobics now that is true don’t get me wrong cardio activities like running swimming cycling aerobics Zumba help in burning fat but here’s the catch they only burn fat while you’re doing the activity weight training, on the other hand, burns fat while you’re doing the activity and in the process of doing the activity because you’re damaging those muscles even when you go home you’re still burning fat.
Needs to know about this fact science says that weight training is your fastest path to fat loss and your fitness goals it’s not gonna make you bulky it’s just gonna make you super fit and make you feel super great about how you look.

2) Women Need Weight Training More Than Men

This is weight training-related once again but scientifically speaking from a health perspective it’s super crucial for every woman to know this you need to understand that your bodies are built very differently from men’s bodies.
There’s a reason men are physically built stronger they have more muscle mass and more muscle mass translates to better metabolism and a better metabolism means a higher calorie cap men can eat a lot of food without the fear of getting fat.
So the first point is when women are moving from the early 20 is to the mid-20s that’s when the metabolism of a woman kind of slows down so all that food that you were eating which wasn’t making you fat in your late teens and your early 20s will start making you fat in your mid 20s so if you still want to enjoy food weight training is a great solution.

3) Food Hacks

A lot of people might not think that this is a very women-specific point but from my experience as a fitness coach, I definitely feel like it is.
Now you’ve got to understand that how you look depends primarily on your diet it depends on the food you select to eat now if you’re a woman who’s struggling to reach her fitness goals if you have that little bit of baby fat and you see all these bikini models or whatever your fitness goals are if you want to get somewhere you want to burn off that little bit of fat and you’ve bought into all these diet crazes you bought a lot of diet food and you want multigrain bread and Greek yoga and all these things.
You need to know that unfortunately, you’re playing the game wrong burning off that little bit of excess baby fat isn’t about selecting diet foods or selecting multigrain bread and things like that it boils down to two very basic food items if you eliminate these two food items from your life you’ll see a change in days.
Unfortunately, women all over the world have a tendency for the first item that’s sugar I talk about sugar all you’ve got to know is that in your fight against weight loss sugar is your biggest enemy you want to keep it as far from you as possible.
Eliminate everything processed this includes everything from lays to those Cheerios which are those little you know snacks people eat at tea time two biscuits anything that’s made in a factory you just want to eliminate it from your diet.

4) Education

I personally feel is the most crucial part of this article now if you’ve been reading the article till this point I’m sure you’ve picked up some amount of knowledge from this article.
Understand is that the one thing I believe is that you shouldn’t be paying for anything Fitness related you shouldn’t be paying for diets and you shouldn’t be paying for Fitness consultants and sometimes you shouldn’t even be paying for trainers.
The trainers just aren’t at that level scientifically a lot of people from the fitness industry stealing your money and when we’re talking about fitness you know a lot of people want written diet plans and they want that full ABC of fitness they want someone to teach them it’s not that difficult to learn fitness burning fat getting healthier boys down there few very very basic concepts that whole time worth paying for dietitians paying for diets is gone it’s all about self-education now.
If you want to improve you got to make that effort and try to move towards a fitter and best version of yourself.

5) Fitness Is Not Just About Physical Goals

Final point that you need to know as a woman is that Fitness is not just limited to the physical goals it’s not limited to getting that flat stomach or those toned arms it gives you a lot more than that and again I’m not promoting weight training I’m promoting any kind of fitness doing something is always better than doing nothing.
When you have that activity that you’re doing every single day and I talk about this in a lot of my other videos it gives you that mental stability you always have that same activity you’re doing and initially where it might be difficult to stick to that activity after a point that activity can become an addiction.
When it becomes an addiction it’s scape ISM all those endorphins and all those cannabinoids all those feel-good hormones really have an effect on your mind it’s one of the best addictions to have it’s only doing good for your body.
The second thing it does for you is that it teaches you discipline and the discipline that you’re learning has a huge carryover to the rest of your life I honestly feel that doing some kind of activity it can be anything weight training dance yoga swimming whatever it is if you do it consistently it’s not just helping you in terms of your physical goals it’s making your better individual help and just from that perspective you should take it up every time I go to the gym I come out a happier person so even if you feel you’re physically fit and you can’t get any fitter than you are but you’re still not doing some physical activity change that physical activity just to build you up from the inside that’s super crucial in your development as a woman.

Final Words

 hey, ladies, I hope you guys liked today’s article if you really like just share with your friends see you soon in next article stay healthy to take care have a good day.