Everything You Need To Know About PCOS / PCOD

Everything You Need To Know About PCOS / PCOD – Symptoms, Cause, Treatment: These issues need to be spoken about now as a guy I might not have a first-hand account of what it’s like having female issues but what I do know is that I’m a fitness coach and it’s my life’s duty to spread correct education and most specifically correct Fitness education because this is the kind of area or domain where fitness education can really help people and that’s what we can be talking about in today’s article.

Now before we get to talking about PCOS PCOD and the fitness aspect of it if you’re a girl who’s suffering from this condition or if you think you’re suffering from this condition the first thing you’ve got to know is that there’s no well-defined cause for this condition nobody knows why this really happens this is a hormonal issue and it’s completely normal one in five girls has this issue and there’s nothing wrong with you but your job now is to educate yourself about this condition and educate yourself about the solution.

Science Of PCOS

So let’s get into the science of PCOS first now Wikipedia defines PCOS or polycystic ovarian syndrome as a set of symptoms that take place due to elevated androgens or an elevated level of male hormones in a female body.

So it’s something going wrong with your hormones if you’re a female now here’s what happens under normal circumstances this is how your body looks now every woman’s got ovaries and those ovaries produce eggs every month now any internal function that happens inside your body happens because of a change in the hormonal levels so they actually induce the formation of an egg here’s what happens.

Luteinizing Hormone Or L.H Into Your Bloodstream.

There’s a gland called a pituitary gland in your brain so the pituitary gland releases a hormone called the luteinizing hormone or L.H into your bloodstream so what happens is every month there’s a surge in LH levels there’s a high amount of LH suddenly released.
That high amount of LH causes your ovaries to release one egg so that egg will get release and then we’ll go and sit in something called your fallopian tubes which are a part of the female reproductive system that’s not important for you to know now what happens is that if a sperm comes and fertilizes that egg develops into a fetus with the help of this book but if the egg is left unfertilized will be excreted by the body in the form of periods along with the lining of the uterus that’s what happens in normal circumstances.
With someone suffering from PCOS your hormones are all over the place here’s what happens now if a woman’s suffering from PCOS the levels of NH in her bloodstream is constantly high so there’s no chance for a spike in the LH levels and because there is no spike no egg is released from the ovaries now these unusually high levels of LH are sometimes accompanied by high levels of insulin and this is where your hormonal system is completely out of place and because your hormones are all over the place this is also accompanied by the release of androgens or male hormones inside a female body and this is what gives rise to all the symptoms of PCOS.
Now PCOS stands for polycystic ovarian syndrome poly means multiple cysts are these little bags of fluid that form in your ovaries as a result of this whole hormonal imbalance and the ovarian syndrome is something that happens inside your ovaries.

Hormonal Imbalance

The PCOS has a lot of symptoms which are primarily caused due to this hormonal imbalance

  • Low Metabolism
The first is a super low metabolism so it becomes difficult to lose weight and it becomes easy to put on weight easily that’s a major symptom.
  • Elevated Androgen Levels
The second is because of the elevated androgen levels there’s a lot of things that happen to your body there’s a lot of changes the first of which is in regular periods sometimes those won’t get the periods for months at a stretch sometimes the periods will last for ten days with a lot of heavy flow sometimes girls will get facial hair a bit of body hair a lot of times girls will get some kind of acne usually on one side of the face which represents the affected ovary a lot of mood swings a lot of weight gain.
As I spoke about earlier but all these are the immediate short-term effects of PCOS isn’t treated early on the long-term effects include infertility which is a major concern in the 21st century and that’s why PCOS is such a big deal and that’s why it needs to be taken care of immediately now as I said earlier there’s no fixed reason for PCOS to affect someone it’s usually a genetic disorder so if it runs in your family you might get it at some point but doctors and medical experts believe that usually, it results because of a poor lifestyle a lack of exercise and a lack of a good now the cause of PCOS.


Now what happens is that we have two major enemies in society right now as humans the first is sugar and all processed foods now I know where to put sugar a lot in my articles but I am gonna keep talking about sugar because it’s that important.

  • Avoid Sugar
  • Fix Your lifestyle
  • Start Exercising
  • Eating Clean
You know a lot of girls will say things like yeah you know I can give up any kind of food but I can’t give up sugar I can’t give up desserts I need this to be happy all that is in your head as I’ve spoken about earlier on their sugar is an addictive substance that’s ruining your body if you could pick one food that’s the absolute worst for your body its sugar it’s making you gain weight and that weight gain is potentially causing all these other hormonal issues inside Your Body.
Again there’s no fixed reason for PCOS but it’s all linked to having a dirty diet that’s what doctors agree on if you go to a doctor they’ll be one of two outcomes if you tell them you’ve got PCOS either they’ll tell you to take some kind of medicine which I am against I don’t feel like medicines are the correct way of treating PCOS all they tell you to fix your lifestyle they tell you to start exercising and eating clean.
If you’re talking about eating clean remember rule number one is that you give up sugar completely if you can give up processed food that’s great as well but you just gotta focus on eating clean get your protein intake right get your carb intake right get a lot of vegetables and fruits inside your system but most of all avoid sugar and avoid anything that comes out of a packet anything that comes out of a factory that’s not meant to be in your system.