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Hey welcome back again guys and today’s article is only for women but if you are guy keep watching because some of these concepts apply to you as well so ladies today’s article is to help you decide whether or not you should be taking up weight training.

Before we get to the benefits let’s talk about a few myths.

Myth About Weight Training

Weight Training Will Make You Bulky?

So the first thing you need to understand is that men and women are affected differently by weight training this is primarily because men have an abundance of a hormone called testosterone. Testosterone is what causes muscles to grow in size that’s why men who go to the gym get huge muscles but women don’t have that much testosterone so there’s no way that the muscles will grow in or by massive amounts so those female bodybuilders that you see on stage they’ve actually injected themselves with a large amount of testosterone to get those huge and bulky muscles so unless you inject yourself you’re safe.

 Weight Training Is Really Dangerous?

So this is completely untrue if you follow the right guidelines and if you follow the proper form of exercise so unfortunately in India there’s a huge number of trainers who just training people for money they’re not passionate about fitness so very often they teach like liars wrong form you can counter this by going to really good gym and getting a really good trainer to teach you the correct form.

Benefits Of Weight Training

So now that we clear these two big myths to let’s just talk about the benefits of weight training.

weight loss for girls

Weight Training Is The Most Effective Exercise For Fat Loss

When you’re doing any cardiovascular exercise like running jogging or even some hipster cardio exercise like dance or martial arts or something like that what’s happening is you’re using of calories from your body to fuel your exercise you’re burning fat in the process of doing the exercise but when you’re doing weight training you’re burning calories to do exercise. you’re burning calories when you go home and your body repairs your muscles from the weight training no other exercise in the world triggers your body and your muscles in the way that weight training does no exercise causes that much damage in your muscles in repairing that damage your burning of fat this is called the passive burn.

So your burning of fat actively during the exercise and passively after the exercise so while cardio and dance and martial arts give you only the active burn in that one-hour weight training in that same one hours will give you an active burn and a passive bone you are burning twice the amount of fat that you would in a cardio exercise.

Helps Shape Your Body

I don’t mean to be creepy most women in this country have one primary fitness goal and that’s just to get thin so they hit the treadmills and they go jogging all they want to do is get thin so hypothetically speaking.

Suppose initially you feel like your body is the shape of a potato and you do a little bit of cardio you stay on the treadmill and you want to get in shape you want to get thin at the end of it it will just become a smaller potato but what you want to be doing is you want to be shaping your body but cardio, unfortunately, doesn’t give your body any shape it just reduces your overall size so if you want to shape your body if you want to get up curvier figure weight training and resistance training is the way to go besides making you look leaner weight clearing will make you look stronger and healthier speaking about it looking stronger.

Functional Strength

According to me in the long term, this is the biggest thing that women can gain from weight training one of the most striking things for women is that they’re prone to osteoporosis much more than men are in layman’s terms that means when you get old your bones become more brittle they more prone to breaking what weight training does is that it increases the production of osteoblasts in your body osteoblasts are cells that contribute to increasing the density of bones.

So more osteoblasts means denser bones meet stronger bones and stronger bones in the long term means a lesser chance of injuries but this is just one aspect of functional strength so for a minute just forget about the short term effects of weight training forget that you want to get lean and forget that you want to go here we go think of the long term think of when you’re old you want to even run around and lift heavy things you don’t want someone is helping you out all the time think about your own inner strength so that got kind of intense.

Capacity For Dirty Food

You can afford to eat dirty or food as long as resistance training is a part of your exercise regime remember when I spoke about the active burn in the passive burn there’s no other exercise in the world that triggers a passive burn the way we’ve training does so with your body burning of structure break amount of calories for a good cause you can kind of afford to eat slightly more calories than you.

Would before you started weight training so that means more ice cream more brownies and more good food so if you take a resistance training as a long-term thing what happens is your body builds lean muscle mass and just to maintain that lean muscle mass all the time your body’s burning more calories just to carry it around so that means for your entire life you can afford to eat more dirty food completely guilt-free now this doesn’t mean you go overboard but it does mean that you have a bigger capacity for dirty food and who doesn’t want that.

Final Words

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